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Monika Joslin with her daughter Jade“When I attended Linden's Open House a few years ago, I remember asking students: “If you could sum up your experience at Linden in one word, what would it be?” Almost every student said the same thing: Community, followed by Learning as a close second. This answer isn’t surprising. If anything, it’s a testament to Linden’s success given that the school is based on the concept of an “ethics of care," a recognition that learning is not simply intellectual, but deeply relational. Decades of research on gender and learning have shown that girls flourish in a collaborative learning environment, and Linden fosters this through their pedagogy and strong sense of community.

Many of the families at Linden have sought out the school for similar reasons. Some girls have experienced bullying, overcrowding, or just falling through the cracks in their public school classes. In Linden, we’ve found a place where our daughters can flourish, where they’re empowered to discover their intellectual curiosity, take risks, and develop the confidence to find their voice.

As you may know, Linden strives to keep tuition lower than other independent schools in the city. Class sizes are intentionally kept small so that students are able to engage fully with their studies and their teachers — a critical factor in maintaining the environment so conducive to learning that’s described above. The actual cost of maintaining the high-quality program and award-winning faculty continues to grow, requiring the operational budget to stretch a dollar further and further each year. With a broad program having equal emphasis on STEM, athletics, and humanities, Linden relies on gifts from community members to help enhance the educational experience of our daughters, making it possible to purchase equipment and introduce programs that are not funded through tuition.”

— Monika Joslin, Proud Parent of Jade (Grade 6)